Qualities to Look for in New Hires

Every time we want to make new hires, the process starts by defining the role to be filled and crafting a job description of the ideal candidate. We then put these positions on a company website, job boards, or involve the help of professional recruiters to handle the process. While making new hires for Fredericksburg Pressure washing, we got hundreds of applications, and opening all these emails can be overwhelming. It is important to be brief, clear and to the point the moment you are crafting job descriptions, to ensure you don’t attract hundreds of unwanted applicants.

When reading job descriptions, the funny thing is that you may think employers are strictly looking for people with specific types of experience. That is all you can see on bullet points, but it takes more than that. So what are the traits business leaders look for while hiring new employees? Let’s have a look.

Understand their path

There is a path you have followed since you were born. Are you able to tell your story clearly on how you have followed your interests and passion to get to the position you are at now? Are you able to talk about where you are heading? These are simple yet very important questions employers need to know so that they can ensure they are employing the right person for the foreseeable future. Employers are looking for a self-directed new hire who has a clear mind of what and where they want to be in the next five or ten years.

Differentiate themselves from their peers

Employers need to know what a job applicant has accomplished in the previous positions they have manage. They want to know what sets these new hires apart from the rest in the park. Have they taken any initiative to do things that went beyond their job descriptions? Have they moved the business from one position to another? Are they change agents and are they ready to introduce something new that can spark some life in the company?

Proactive attitude

Does the applicant have a track record of accomplishing new things? If they ever decided to implement a new strategy, how did they mitigate risks? Employers will inquire about strategies applicants have undertaken and failed, and would want to know how they handled such failures. People who have never failed in life have not yet accomplished what they are potentially capable of.

Job Skills

Employers would want to know if the ideal candidate possesses the skills necessary to do the required job and if they can quickly learn new skills to respond to a given challenge. There should be no mismatch on their skills to the credibility of the task at hand. How are they able to handle a situation given limited resources?

The potential candidate must also have a good sense of critical judgment. At times, employees might need to violate an organization’s policy if only it happens to the benefit of the company. They should have sound judgment and have the flexibility to work beyond the norm.

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