Strategies to Promote Positive Customer Reviews for your Business

There are a lot of factors that determine the decisions customers make to purchase a product or service. When deciding on the best tow trucks in Kissimmee, I often ask my friends for recommendations and do a lot of online research to reach a final destination. It is now fast and efficient to make a purchase online without even connecting with sales representatives and other people. The best marketers for your company are not your employees or sales representatives – they are your existing customers.

Why Customer Trust

Customer trust in businesses is very important. Customers prefer and trust recommendations from friends and family over any type of online recommendation. 60 percent of consumers turn to reviews on a product to decide on the purchasing decision to make.

Here are a couple of ways on how to ask for reviews.

Ask reviews at the right moment

Identify the right moments to ask your customers about their experience after interacting with your business. Ensure you are soliciting customer reviews at the right moment in their purchase journey, as doing so will help you get the most optimal results. If you ask for reviews at the wrong moment, it could result in customers leaving a negative review that many people will see online. Ask for customer reviews at strategic moments along their journey. Ask for these reviews after they have demonstrated success with your product or service.

Choose a method that works for your scalability

A lot of positive reviews will lead to increased conversion rates. The more reviews you have, the better it is for your brand. You need to train your team to ask for reviews after every successful purchase. Also, ensure you incorporate requests for reviews as part of your email marketing and automation campaigns. Make use of NPS to identify your happiest customers who would become excellent promoters for your business. Include review links after checkouts and after thank you pages.

Ask the customer in person

If you work in a role that has a close relationship with customers such as account executive or customer success manager, you should not hesitate to add a personal touch and ask customers to review their experiences in person. Invite your customers over activation to interact with your products and services and ensure you collect feedback about your product. Ensure you create a good rapport with your customers and have them express loyalty in your business. Treat them well and make them feel wanted and valued.

Leverage moments of customer happiness

If you have made a major breath through while handling a client, or when you have received praise or positive feedback from them, you have hacked the point of customer happiness. Do not let that treasured moment be wasted. During that moment, customers may be more inclined to give you a review for whatever you are asking them, as a way of offering reciprocity for a good moment that just happened. Ensure you capture that opportunity and ask them to review your business.

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