How to craft a customer journey

It can be very challenging for companies to get into the minds of their customers. You might wonder why a customer spends too much time browsing a selection and adding products to cart, or what makes them take so many steps to get from point A to B. I once got to analyze data on towing services in Kettering to have an idea of triggers for customer purchasing decision. Whatever the uncertainties might be, the truth is that it can be quite difficult to grasp a clear customer journey for your company.

A customer journey is a process by which a customer interacts with a company to achieve a certain goal. Today, customers continue to change the way they interact with businesses making it difficult to pin down a customer purchase journey. Businesses need to create a customer map, which is ideally a visual representation of the process a customer or prospect goes through to achieve a goal. With the use of a customer journey map, you can sense what motivates a customer to make a certain decision, and thus tailor your marketing efforts to make the most out of customer decisions.

There are a couple of steps you can follow to create a customer journey map.

Set clear objectives for the map

Before you can get into the deeper aspects of creating any map, you must evaluate why you are creating the map in the first place. The first step is to create a buyer persona that defines who your ideal customer is. With a buyer persona, you will be reminded to direct all your efforts on the aspects touching on your customer.

Define persona goals

The next step is to profile your personas and define their goals. This should be done through research to get valuable customer feedback. You will want to get feedback on people who are interested in purchasing your products and services, as well as those who have interacted with your company before.

List all the touchpoints

Touchpoints are the places on your website that customers can interact with you. You should perform the process based on research to list all the touchpoints your prospects and customers are currently using, as well as the ones you believe they should be using. Creating these touchpoints is an important step in creating customer journey maps as it gives you vital insights into what actions your customers are performing. You might be using fewer touchpoints than expected, and that might mean you are turning away customers too early. If you are using more touchpoints than expected, you might be having a complicated website.


You need to list all the actions your customers perform while interacting with your business. It might be happening through Google search on keywords, opening your emails, among others. It is important to have data of all actions and interactions so that you can evaluate if the number of steps needed by a customer to make a purchase is really necessary, or turning customers away.

Finally, you will need to understand all the emotions and motivations. Every action your customer takes is motivated by emotion, and their emotions change depending on which part of the journey they are in. You also need to know all the obstacles and pain points stopping a customer from making the desired action.

Qualities to Look for in New Hires

Every time we want to make new hires, the process starts by defining the role to be filled and crafting a job description of the ideal candidate. We then put these positions on a company website, job boards, or involve the help of professional recruiters to handle the process. While making new hires for Fredericksburg Pressure washing, we got hundreds of applications, and opening all these emails can be overwhelming. It is important to be brief, clear and to the point the moment you are crafting job descriptions, to ensure you don’t attract hundreds of unwanted applicants.

When reading job descriptions, the funny thing is that you may think employers are strictly looking for people with specific types of experience. That is all you can see on bullet points, but it takes more than that. So what are the traits business leaders look for while hiring new employees? Let’s have a look.

Understand their path

There is a path you have followed since you were born. Are you able to tell your story clearly on how you have followed your interests and passion to get to the position you are at now? Are you able to talk about where you are heading? These are simple yet very important questions employers need to know so that they can ensure they are employing the right person for the foreseeable future. Employers are looking for a self-directed new hire who has a clear mind of what and where they want to be in the next five or ten years.

Differentiate themselves from their peers

Employers need to know what a job applicant has accomplished in the previous positions they have manage. They want to know what sets these new hires apart from the rest in the park. Have they taken any initiative to do things that went beyond their job descriptions? Have they moved the business from one position to another? Are they change agents and are they ready to introduce something new that can spark some life in the company?

Proactive attitude

Does the applicant have a track record of accomplishing new things? If they ever decided to implement a new strategy, how did they mitigate risks? Employers will inquire about strategies applicants have undertaken and failed, and would want to know how they handled such failures. People who have never failed in life have not yet accomplished what they are potentially capable of.

Job Skills

Employers would want to know if the ideal candidate possesses the skills necessary to do the required job and if they can quickly learn new skills to respond to a given challenge. There should be no mismatch on their skills to the credibility of the task at hand. How are they able to handle a situation given limited resources?

The potential candidate must also have a good sense of critical judgment. At times, employees might need to violate an organization’s policy if only it happens to the benefit of the company. They should have sound judgment and have the flexibility to work beyond the norm.

Importance of Taking break From Work

productivityMost people strive to perform their best at their workplace. Many work overtime, and take a lot of projects that make them worn out. While working at Fredericksburg Roofing I noticed I can be workaholic. Work is good, but a lot of it can be dangerous.  Taking a regular break from work can be very important. Statistics show that taking a lunch break from work makes people feel better. There are multiple research carried out in the areas of health, wellness and performance that associate the benefits of taking a break from work.

If you are looking forward to take a break from work, I encourage you to do so, out of the following benefits.

Increased Productivity

While taking a break from work may seem to be counterintuitive in terms of boosting creativity, but in real sense, it is one of the best things you can do. When you sleep, you gain a lot of focus and energy as you do not have any distractions coming your way. A lunch break can be very important in helping prevent unproductivity or mid-afternoon slump. Breaks are very important to remove boredom off our bodies. Taking a break helps in prioritizing work, and segregating them in different levels and helping one to be focused. Break helps the mind to retain more information and make better decisions.

Improved Mental Health

Employees need to take time from work to be able to recharge. Stress is a common thing in workplaces and needs to be dealt with by taking a break. Stress has detrimental effect on employees. When you take some time from work, you set yourself to enjoy the benefits associated with relieving stress off your body and improving your mental well-being.

Creative Boost

creativityTaking a break from work helps give employees a fresh perspective on challenging issues. It can be hard for employees to develop new ideas and solutions when their minds have been occupied by a lot of work related stuff. You need to take a break as this helps in refreshing your brain and opening yourself up to tackle challenging issues ahead.

More time for healthy habits

Regular breaks from work, including lunch breaks, can give employees time to practice healthy habits in their workplace. They can use these breaks to do something useful such as making healthy lunch, meditating, exercising and engaging in self-care activities.

Prevent Decision Fatigue

Breaks can help in preventing decision fatigue. When you have been working constant, you may suffer a wear down of your willpower and reasoning ability. These breaks are very essential for one’s physical and mental health. Decision fatigue can lead to a slowed decision making and procrastination.

Motivation Purposes

Breaks can be very important in restoring motivation, especially if you have long-term goals. When we work, the prefrontal cortex makes every best effort to help in executing goals. When we have a challenging task that requires sustained attention, research shows that taking time off work can help in renewing, strengthening and motivating a person. Waking rest helps in consolidating memories and improving learning.


Best Beach Resorts in the World

If you are planning a vacation, spending some time on the beach is an activity you should think of including in your to-do list. There are beautiful beaches all over the world with great sceneries, lots of fun activities to fill up your days and awesome people to help your vacation become memorable. These are people who will help even when you are in a crisis. For instance if you find yourself in a situation where you need a Delray Towing Service provider, people in the area will help you find one effortlessly. Here is a list of some of the great beach resorts around the world.

The Southern Ocean Lodge in Australia’s Kangaroo Island

Not only is this lodge magnificent and all the rooms offer a spectacular view of the ocean and beach below but the fact that you can get a guided tour of the island as a room package is awesome. You can spot the sea lion and the kangaroos on the island tour. The kangaroo island is part of a national conservation park. This offers a spectacular and natural view of what the island has to offer.

Mulia in Indonesia

MuliaThis recently opened resort in Bali Indonesia is a must visit for those who want to spend long and lazy days in a pool. It offers multiple pools and a spectacular view of the Hindu temples, and a chance to spot or get a surprise visit from the local entertainment groups. Mulia hosts numerous villas, a resort, and hotel. It gives the impression of a small city tucked away in a serene and relaxed environment.

St. Regis Punta Mita Resort, Mexico

Although the beach at the resort can be rocky at times, the modern resort offers an escape from ordinary life for all groups of people including families with young children, honeymooners, and golfers. When the beach is rough, the multiple pools at the resort are welcoming.

Amanyara Northwest Point, Providenciales TKCA 1ZZ, Turks & Caicos Islands

Amanyara means peace place. This exotic and luxurious resort is 25 minutes away from the airport in a tranquil part of Providenciales. It is a perfect spot for those who want time away from a noisy life.

These are just some of the resorts around the world that offer an authentic beach experience. As you will realize, the cost varies depending on the particular facility and the services provided.